3DS 2.0

Transactions are downgraded from 3DS 2.0 to 3DS 1.0

There is an edge case with 3DS 2.0 where if Device Fingerprint fails on the first attempt, then it is never run in successive attempts while the session is still valid and will continually fail, thus resulting in the fallback to 1.0 each time as Device Fingerprint data is a requirement of 2.0.
On the flip side, if Device Fingerprint is successful, then it will not be run in successive attempts, as long as the session is still valid.


The current workaround for this is to clear local storage token in the browser. We also advocate the best practice of testing in multiple browsers.

Clearing Local Storage in Chrome
  1. Open Developer Tools
  2. Click on the Application tab
  3. In the Storage section in the left navigation bar, click on the triangle next to Local Storage to open up existing tokens.
  4. Use the clear all button to clear Local Storage