SSO Credentials

Authentication with Cardinal Cruise is done through Cardinal Single Sign On (SSO) application. SSO credentials will be generated during your on boarding process. SSO values consistent of:

Org Unit IdGUID to identify the merchant organization within Cardinal systems
Api IdentifierGUID used to identify the specific API Key
Api KeyA shared secret value between the merchant and Cardinal. This value should never be exposed to the public.

Looking for your API Keys?

Contact your account representative for information on how to obtain your SSO credentials.

Api Keys

A merchant can have multiple API Keys with different levels of permissions attached to each key. This for example would allow you to have 1 API Key for your front end store and another API Key with different permissions that is only used on the backend. Both API Keys would be attached to the same origination unit within our SSO application, allowing you to see all transactions for both API Keys under a single merchant with our reporting systems.

Additionally API Keys can be rotated if your company has policies on how long credentials can be used before they must be regenerated.