Cardinal Mobile SDK - iOS

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Release Date

What's New 


Apr 4, 2024

  • The SDK has been code signed using the Apple Distribution Certificate, which verifies the authenticity of the SDK as coming from Cardinal


Mar 14, 2024

  • A privacy manifest file has been added which describes the types of data collected by the SDK and the reasons for collecting this data

  • Set the minimum iOS version from 10 to 12


Aug 10, 2023

  • Various bug fixes related to UI


Feb 28, 2023

  • Resolved a bug issue related to encryption utility

  • Challenge performance enhancements


Oct 25, 2022

  • Resolved an issue with voice accessibility

  • Resolved an issue related to UI Customization

  • Resolved an issue with Bitcode

  • Challenge performance enhancements


Aug 16, 2022 

  • Resolved bug issues related to the UI

  • Challenge performance enhancements


Mar 25, 2022 

  • Resolved an issue during the Challenge flow where certain ChallengeSelectInfo values were incompatible with further processing


Oct 25, 2021 

  • Fix for translucent toolbar on iOS 15

  • New SDK deliverable targeting arm64 architecture


Mar 17, 2021 

  • New binaries published targeting XCFramework


Feb 10, 2021

  • Update to gracefully handle variable inclusion of densities (extraHigh, high, medium) for issuerImage and psImage when rendering challenge screens

  • Added new error message on Init() when SDK Render Type includes HTML and SDK UI Type is set to "NATIVE"

  • Fix for OOB challenge screens where the auto submit only works for 2.2.0 transactions.


Sep 30, 2020

  • Added new logging module to enable better troubleshooting (Note: no account numbers, transaction information, or sensitive consumer information are captured by the SDK logs)

  • Added new configuration setting to optionally disable logging

  • Added new error codes 20217, 20611, 20714 (see error code documentation)

  • Removed deprecated method timeout

  • Removed continue methods with directoryServerId and acsUrl

  • Deprecated Quick Authentication (see product announcement)

  • Deprecated the use of an Account Number during init

  • Security enhancements around encryption and hooking detection

  • Fixed issue where the challenge screen could not be dismissed in rare cases (dismissing the visibleViewController instead of nav controller)


May 18, 2020 

  • Support for String Payload in Setup JWT.

  • OneTimeCode suggestion for iOS 12+ in OTP Challenge Screen.

  • Screen Recording Protection flicker issue fix.

  • Fix SingleSelect and MultiSelect Challenge Selection height issue with UICustomization enabled.

  • Fix SingleSelect and MultiSelect auto-selected option from a previous challenge.


Jan 9, 2020 

  • Update Challenge UI/UX to support Dark mode in iOS 13 and Xcode 11 applications

  • New Configuration to support Darkmode UICustomization

  • Update Challenge UI/UX to enhance challenge experience in Landscape mode for iPhone and iPad

  • Updated error code and error message

  • Removed the option of setting the environment to QA and Sandbox

  • Other minor fixes, optimization and security enhancements


Nov 13, 2019 

  • Hotfix for deprecated UIWebview 


Nov 6, 2019