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This message is used to locate Payer Authentication data elements (Cavv, ECI, Xid), allowing merchants to retrieve the data values needed to populate the authorization to the gateway or the processor. Certain order management systems and other middleware products do not support the passing of the Payer Authentication data elements through the platform. Using this message, merchants have the ability to bridge these systems and alter the authorization transactions with the Payer Authentication details. 

To ensure that the original transaction is located, the TransactionId value returned on the cmpi_lookup response should be used on the request message. If, for some reason, the TransactionId isn't available, the transaction can be located through the use of the other data elements. In this case, all the other data elements (Amount, CurrencyCode, CardNumber) must match with the transaction occurring between the FromDt and ToDt values.


Either the TransactionId or the data elements (Amount, CurrencyCode, CardNumber, FromDt, ToDt) must be used to process the transaction.