Cardinal Centinel


Centinel is the technology platform that provides MPI/3DS Server connectivity through our Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) product. CCA is a product that supports both 3-D Secure 1.0.2 and EMV® 3DS protocols. Our platform delivers critical features such as transaction routing & processing, configurations for customization (including rules), in-depth testing capabilities, and four integration solutions: JavaScript, Hybrid, API for browser authentication, and SDK (Android/iOS) for native app and IoT integration. We also support calls to numerous major and regional card network Directory Servers to globally support authentication message requests and responses. In addition to all these capabilities, Centinel can also directly communicate with our issuer platform, Visa Consumer Authentication Service (VCAS) to realize and represent the enhanced performance capabilities of the Cardinal Authentication Network.

In addition to the programs that are supported within Centinel, we have spent two decades making it easy to utilize the features and functionality provided through our products with our suite of integration tools and “built-in” partnerships with gateways, shopping carts, processors, token providers and more. This allows us to enhance the reach, scope, and richness of our solutions, so that we can deliver the most value to our customers from one platform.

Network Programs Supported

Program Name

3DS 1.0.2

EMV® 3DS 2.1.0

EMV® 3DS 2.2.0

Visa Secure

Mastercard Identity Check


Mastercard Secure Code®



American Express SafeKey®

Discover ProtectBuy

Future Support

Diners ProtectBuy

Future Support

JCB J-Secure

UnionPay International (UPI)


Cartes Bancaires

Region: France



Future Support


Region: Brazil


Future Support

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC

^ APP device channel not yet supported.

Consumer Experience

Whether the consumer is shopping through a browser, mobile phone, tablet, smart TV or other IoT device, we ensure the consumer journey renders properly no matter the size of the screen. The consumer is top of mind in all product phases, including design, development, and deployment. Our goal is to reduce friction as much as possible and to increase speed while easily delivering challenges when issuers need more information.

Availability & Speed

Delivering authentication when and where you need it. We strive to ensure our systems never stop working by implementing redundancy plans in our data centers, intelligent monitoring of incoming transaction streams and smart detection for ACS outages, and network performance anomalies. We continuously monitor the ecosystem, reporting any anomalies directly to the card networks and maintain a 99.95% uptime.