Request Objects

The request objects are structured objects that are used to pass data from you, the merchant, to Cardinal that describes a transaction or event. 

Complete Object

The complete object is used to send an authorization attempt result to Cardinal.


The status of the authorization attempt.

Possible Values:

  • Success
  • Failure

Order Object

An order object describes an order you'd like to process with Songbird. This request object can be passed within a request JWT as the 'Payload' field or passed within the browser via Songbird.js. 

Example JSON

Object Definition

CartList<CartItem Object>The items in the cart for the current transaction
ConsumerConsumer ObjectConsumer object containing BillingAddress, ShippingAddress, and Account
OptionsOptions ObjectAn object containing any additional option flags
OrderDetailsOrderDetails ObjectThe object that describes basic details about the order
TokenToken ObjectThe token details associated with this transaction


NameAN(128)Name of Item Purchased.
SKUAN(20)Merchant SKU of Item.
QuantityN(20)Count of items being purchased
DescriptionAN(256)Brief description of the item being purchased
PriceNThe price of the item



A flag that will enable or disable CCA processing for this transaction.

Possible Values:

  • true - Enables CCA for this transaction
  • false - Disables CCA for this transaction

NOTE: While this flag can be used to enable CCA, your merchant account must be configured to process CCA beforehand. This flag simply lets you control when CCA will be used to authenticate consumers.


OrderNumberAN(50)YESThis represents your Order Number or transaction identifier.
AmountN(20)YESUnformatted total transaction amount without any decimalization.
Example: $100.00 = 10000, $123.67 = 12367, $.99 = 99
CurrencyCodeAN(3)YES3 digit ISO 4217 value. Accepts either the Currency Number or Currency Code.
Example: "840" or "USD"
OrderDescriptionAN(256)NOBrief Description of Items purchased.
OrderChannelAN(16)YESSpecifies the order channel where the transaction was initiated.
  • M – MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order)
  • R – Retail
  • S – eCommerce
  • P – Mobile Device
  • T – Tablet
TransactionIdAN(50)CThis value is the TransactionId field from a cmpi_lookup response from Centinel. This field is only used with a hybrid integration. This field is required for a hybrid integration.

Shared Objects

The below objects are general objects and can be found on both the request and response. Their placement within the parent object may differ between request and response however.