Cardinal Cruise


Welcome to Cardinal Cruise Documentation! While you're here, you will find resources and details that show you how to get up and running with Cardinal Cruise as fast as possible.

Cardinal Cruise is CardinalCommerce's JavaScript integration into the Centinel platform. This integration method is a requirement for any merchants who are planning to support EMVCo 2.0 protocols.  

You can start your implementation today. Just head over to the integrate Songbird.js section to get started.

Transactional Flow

The transactional flow label helps identify how the payment brand will behave when the user uses it. This label will help you understand how completing a transaction with this payment brand will fit into your site.




All interactions will be done on the same page using an HTML modal that sits above your webpage, or will be done using pop up frames.


All interactions will be done by completing a full page redirect to the payment brand, and receiving the customer back on a full page redirect back from the merchant.


This method does not have a UI. All consumer interaction is proxied through your back end via B2B API calls.

Service Type

The service type describes what kind of services the payment brand will provide. In some cases, you may simply get a card number back from the payment brand, and you will be required to authorize and capture like any normal credit card transaction. In other cases, the payment brand will handle the authorization of funds and return the status of the authorization attempt back to you.




Returns only a card number or a one-time use token that can be used like a card number. This type requires you to complete the authorization and capture process yourself via your credit card gateway.

Full service

Returns an authorization status. This type requires you to send requests to the payment type to trigger a capture of funds.

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