Device Data Collection Responses

This page provides additional context on how to handle the response that comes back from the Device Data Collection URL. Handling the response is important to know when the Device Data Collection URL has completed its processing. 

We support two ways to handle the response back from the Device Data Collection URL -

Option 1 - Using a ReturnUrl

  1. ReturnUrl Response (v1 Endpoint)

  2. ReturnUrl Response (v2 Endpoint) **NEW**

Option 2 - Using postMessage

  1. postMessage Response (v1 Endpoint)

  2. postMessage Response (v2 Endpoint) **NEW**

V2 Endpoint provides additional context related to Cardinal Data Collection and MethodUrl Collection when compared to the V1 Endpoint. If a merchant is currently integrated to a V1 endpoint, they will need to change the way they handle Device Data Collection (/Collect) response.

Currently, V2 Endpoint is only supported for Implementation Option 1 and Implementation Option 3. We plan to add V2 support for Implementation Option 2 in the near future.