Advanced Options

This document covers advanced features of CCA.

Acquirer Override

CCA supports a feature that allows you to change the acquirer information used on a per-transaction basis. This can be useful for large organizations that may have many business units in different regions, since they may need to dynamically control which ACS is being used for a particular transaction. Overriding the acquirer information can be completed by using a CCAExtension object on the order object. Be sure to review the Payment Brand Extension documentation for more information on how to properly implement an extension.

The below example shows all fields, but all extension fields are optional so only include the fields you need.

Order Object with a CCA Extension
    "CCAExtension": {
        "AcquirerId": "100000",
        "AcquirerMerchantId": "abcd1234",
        "AcquirerPassword": "password",
        "CountryCodeOverride": "826",
        "MerchantName": "Override Merchant Name",
        "MerchantUrl": ""
    "Consumer": {
        "Account": {
            "AccountNumber": "400000****0002",
            "CardCode": "",
            "ExpirationMonth": "03",
            "ExpirationYear": "2020",
            "NameOnAccount": ""
        "BillingAddress": {
            "Address1": "6119 Hiesley",
            "Address2": "Moar Address",
            "City": "Mentor",
            "FirstName": "John",
            "LastName": "Denver",
            "Phone1": "123-3214-7895",
            "PostalCode": "44094",
            "State": "Ohio"
        "ShippingAddress": {
            "Address1": "8100 New Street",
            "Address2": "in new building",
            "City": "Mentorz",
            "FirstName": "Dog",
            "LastName": "bert",
            "Phone1": "440-777-Film",
            "PostalCode": "44060",
            "State": "Ohioz"
    "OrderDetails": {
        "Amount": "1500",
        "CurrencyCode": "840",
        "OrderNumber": ""