New Release: Cardinal Mobile SDK 2.2.5-9 (iOS)


A new version of the Cardinal Mobile SDK for iOS (2.2.5-9) is now available for public use and has been published to Artifactory. If you plan on using the Cardinal Mobile SDK and will need access to the download site, contact your CardinalCommerce Solution Engineer.

As a part of the testing and release process, CardinalCommerce’s demo app, Billy’s Cafe, has been published to the App Store. To see the Cardinal Mobile SDK in action, download the free app, Billy’s Cafe.

What’s New in This Release

iOS (2.2.5-9)

  • The SDK has been code signed using the Apple Distribution Certificate, which verifies the authenticity of the SDK as coming from Cardinal

If you are actively running transactions on the iOS platform with the Cardinal Mobile SDK, it is strongly encouraged that you upgrade to this newly published version (2.2.5-9)

If you have questions regarding the upgrade path for your application, please contact your Cardinal Commerce Solution Engineer.

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